MeasureCamp Amsterdam; a great experience

I’m almost ashamed to say that yesterday I finally attended my first MeasureCamp. I’m always torn about going to events. Sure, I always learn something and you get to meet some new people. But it usually has a huge impact on your workload and you need to get stuff done. For most events, it’s not really worth my time if I’m looking at it from a learning / growing perspective.

Especially the “big & shiny” events always feel to high-level for me without any actionable insights. Maybe it’s because I read/scan all relevant news outlets in my sector daily.

MeasureCamp was different though. First of all, because it’s on a Saturday, everybody who was there actually wanted to be there. No “I need a day off from work” people. Besides that, the average knowledge level was really high compared to other events. More geek talk = better.

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