True Cross-Device & Multi-Channel Measurement

To perform great marketing, ideally, we would have perfect data on the humans that interact with our marketing touch points. Unfortunately, when it comes to traditional offline marketing (TV Ads, a Billboard, etc.) we’re guestimating most of the time. Especially when we’re trying to actually attribute credits toward specific billboards and specific tv-ads at specific air times.

A lot of marketers assume that online marketing gives us perfect data about our campaigns and how potential customers interact with them. This is what we would like to be true. It’s also what most analytics and advertising technology vendors want us to believe.

It is not uncommon to see analysts performing advanced channel attribution analysis based on a standard web analytics dataset. They take all available data at face value and assume that the metric “Users” actually refers to “human users.” Potentially huge mistake, especially when the analysis goes up the chain and the context of the collected data gets lost along the way.

What we need is to have full insights in the entire customer journey that spans multiple devices and uses multiple marketing channels before it converts into a client. Why don’t we have that?

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Align your Marketing Team with the Customer Journey

Data-driven anything is an awesome concept. To organize and optimize our businesses using (perfect) data that always tells the truth about what our customers want and need. It would increase the freedom of our employees to contribute (as long as it’s data-driven) and decrease the need for “parental-management” and the toxic “highest paid person’s opinion.” However, iIf you’ve been involved in an organization trying to adopt data-driven marketing, you’re probably aware of the practical problems that arise. To put it mildly, we’re not there yet.
Over the past few years, I’ve identified some prerequisites needed to create a real data-driven culture. In the next few days, I’ll post them on my blog, starting with the first one today.


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