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Distill Business Objectives into Marketing KPI's and Metrics.

Success is relative. Distilling your companies business objectives into clear marketing objectives, key performance indicators and causal output metrics is the first step to take towards data-driven marketing success.

Align People and Process to Leverage Data & Technology.

Working with data ≠ staring at reports. How can you create the processes and cultivate the right culture to utilize data in the most effective way? You need to adjust your Technology & Process to your People and Objectives, not the other way around.

Build & Configure an Effective Marketing Analytics Stack.

It’s tempting to buy a tool and hope it solves your problems. My advice is to select the tools after defining your data strategy. Technology should empower your people and processes, not dictate them.

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A bit about me

My name is Rick Dronkers and I’m a digital marketing and analytics consultant from The Netherlands. I’ve been making and marketing websites since 2001 and as of 2008 I’ve been professionally helping clients achieve their objectives in digital marketing through a variety of roles. 

My latest role was as the Director of Analytics at the digital marketing agency Maxlead before I started my own company in 2019. (See my LinkedIn for more)

I operate on the intersection of business, marketing, technology and data and I enjoy diving into related challenges and creating plans to overcome them.

Some of the client I've worked with since 2019
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What can I help you with?

Data Strategy Development

If you don’t know where you’re going it’s extremely hard to get there. I help companies discover and develop their marketing data strategy that allows them to grow.

Training & Workshops

Data won’t create value by itself, you need people for that. I help companies by training both executives and operational marketeers on how to interpret and use data in their day-to-day jobs. 

Technical Implementations

At the base of every data-driven company is a solid data implementation. I help companies with measurement, storage, transformation and activation of data using various tools and technologies.