The birth of my monthly newsletter

I read a lot about marketing, data,¬†and technology. When posts are good, I save them and often share them with my team. From now on, the 5-10 best posts I’ve read each month will get a place in my monthly newsletter: Ricks’ Digest. Each month I’ll send out a newsletter on marketing, data, and technology with a small text accompanying each article.

If you are interested, you can read the first issue (and sign up) here:


[DUTCH] Nieuw in Google Analytics: Cohort Analyse

I Wrote a blogpost on the dutch marketing platform Marktingfacts about the new Cohort Analysis report in Google Analytics. You can read it here.

Beyond Web Analytics: A Holistic Approach

I Wrote a blogpost on LinkedIn about the future of web analytics and my vision on Event Based Analytics and creating your own Data Warehouse. You can read it on LinkedIn.